Modera Redmond is a new 300-unit multi-family building located in the rapidly changing Redmond and is on track to be topped off in October, with plans to have residents moving in towards the end of 2019.

The following is an interview with Scott Glazebrook, Associate Principal of the architecture firm, Tiscareno Associates.

What was the inspiration for the design?

The building’s exterior pulls from the region’s rural, agrarian roots. It’s slanted, soaring roofline is reminiscent of the barns and farmhouses that once dotted the landscape. And the palette of colors, materials and textures include cream, grey and dark brown tones, reflecting a cleaner, more contemporary interpretation of rustic materials. The front façade features five angular waves that engage the streetscape, balancing the building’s size and highlighting its airy, light-filled lobby.

What were the greatest challenges?

Modera Redmond presented Tiscareno Associates with the unique zoning challenges of a large site with only a single-street frontage, limits on subterranean construction depths, and the requirement for two fire apparatus access lanes. The project design, in turn, called for a Y-shaped design that met the City of Redmond’s requirements and maximized light, rentable square footage, parking, residential amenities, and public access to street-level parking. Our team flipped the challenge on its head and turned it into a positive, resulting in a nature-inspired and community-centric theme that permeates throughout the project design.

What are the amenities and how does that reflect the target market for this project?

Mill Creek Residential Trust’s expected target demographic for this apartment building is going to be mostly tech workers from around the region so we wanted to ensure the amenities were enticing to this group.There is 5,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor amenity space, including two courtyards—each with its own character. It also has one of Redmond’s first rooftop decks, featuring an indoor lounge, outdoor barbecue, gathering areas and expansive views. Another amenity is a movie screening and gaming room; and of course to accommodate the abundant biking community in Redmond we’ve created a bike kitchen where residents can mingle and do repairs on and wash their bikes.

Redmond has experienced a lot of change. Can you talk about how this project reflects the growth of Redmond and who the target renters are in this market?

In recent decades, Redmond has become more of a technology hub with Microsoft, obviously, being the dominant company. Our goal for this development was to reflect that — the history, as well as the future of Redmond. We focused our design on renters who likely will work at these companies. Not only is the building design focusing toward this demographic, but the amenities are also designed with them in mind.

From a design perspective, how does the project implement an efficient layout and floor plan that maximizes net rentable square feet?

The site is the size of a city block, but in this case, it only has one street frontage. The three other sides had significant setback requirements, which made it very challenging to develop the site in an urban context. We designed to maximize the development footprint through significant modulation at these setbacks while maintaining compliance with all the zoning regulations and setbacks. The building design modulation reflects the creative design of the units.

How does Modera represent an intersection of objectives and strategies of the two firms, Mill Creek Residential Trust and Tiscareno Associates?

We’ve had a long and trusted relationship with Mill Creek Residential; both of our firm’s believe in working hard, working smart, and fundamentally working together. We are both particularly passionate about the live-ability of our projects while ensuring each project fits into the fabric of the community. I believe our two firms work well together because of our mutual trust and vision. We look forward to the opportunity to design another project with their team.

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