Sumner, WA
Estimated Opening Date: Fall 2019

The Main Apartments + Lofts in Sumner is the first residential development in 20 years on Main Street in small-town Sumner, with visibility that makes it highly important to its community. While the city supports density, it was critical to mitigate the visual impact of this large mixed-use project by providing several small-scale buildings rather than a single podium-style structure that would be out of scale with its surroundings. Slanted roofs, materials that incorporate the character of Sumner, and large amounts of open and green space were incorporated to preserve the small-town feel. An open space requirement was fulfilled with linked green spaces, alley expressions between the buildings, and outdoor amenities like fireplaces and a dog run to create a sense of shared, small-town community.

The most interesting challenge was mixing and matching Sumner’s Commercial and Residential codes to create a Mixed-Use building plan that worked for both developer and city. Sumner’s existing retail locales are not fully occupied, although the city is hopeful about the future of its economy, so facades on Main Street have been designed as residential spaces built to commercial standards, for later conversion to retail space.

This has required creative architectural problem solving around tricky issues: stair and landing placements at taller-than-usual floor-to-floor heights, two-and three-story expressions on some facades, and more. Parking requirements also necessitated an adjustment from two- to three-story buildings. Fortunately, this residential/retail flexibility aligns with the emerging national trend of multi-family being built to accommodate mixed-use if retail markets call for it. As with so many other elements in the project, the adaptability being designed into its spaces is the wave of the future.


  • A small town, Main Street, mixed-use development in seven buildings on 3.3 acres
  • 2- and 3-story buildings with 108 apartments
  • 1,500 square feet of retail, possibly for a café with outdoor seating
  • Communal amenity space with lounge and workout facilities
  • 186 stalls of surface and street parking for residents, guests, and retail customers.
  • Woonerf street within the site to accommodate parking while allowing flexibility for outdoor use and pedestrian-friendly community space.
  • Unique approach to mixed-use, with flexible design that allows the project to evolve in the future
  • Walking distance to Sumner Sounder Station and downtown Sumner
  • Views of Mt. Rainier

Total SF: 94,450 sf across 7 buildings
CLIENT – Tarragon Development
MASTER PLAN ARCHITECT – Tiscareno Associates