Queen Anne – Seattle, WA
Completed 2013

Despite the rapidly changing urban landscape of Seattle’s Upper Queen Anne, the people who live in its charming residential areas value its historical imprint and neighborhood feel. So when two previous developers missed the mark by creating bulky, overpowering designs for a new mixed-use apartment-retail building, Tiscareno Associates was brought in to fit the building’s scale to the neighborhood. The firm’s balanced design pays homage to Queen Anne’s past by including commissioned art and mosaics that relate to the area’s history, and by reusing original bricks to faithfully recreate the footprint and façade of the site’s former building. The design also complements the area’s evolving urban personality by juxtaposing old and modern materials and playing with contemporary variations for windows, doors, and façades. To foster the sense of community that’s so important to residents, the project added an inviting plaza that has become a gathering place for the popular farmer’s market and local special events. The building’s innovative S-shape breaks up the space to create a convincing illusion of two different buildings, mitigating the visual impact of what is otherwise a massive, high-density structure. The project’s human scale and fresh, award-winning design have attracted many quality retailers, including Trader Joe’s, Pharmaca, and Union Bank, to join the Queen Anne neighborhood.


  • 107 apartment units
  • 3,500 SF public plaza
  • 84,000 SF garage
  • Upper-level residential courts
  • USGBC LEED Silver rating

141,000 SF
CLIENT – Emerald Bay Equity
ARCHITECT – Tiscareno Associates