Seattle, WA
Opened July 2018

How do you fit a 16-story residential tower on a diminutive 22,000 SF site with five levels of below-grade parking? And at the same time gracefully design in a 53,000 SF grocery store at a busy intersection of three dynamic neighborhoods? Plus seamlessly coordinate the M.E.P. areas for a retail client. All the while providing access to the parking garage for customers and residents? The answer is to work closely and collaboratively with the city design review board.

Two major goals were to mitigate visual mass and create a contemporary structure that suits its surroundings. Designers angled the storefront corner for a more welcoming entry, modulated the roofline, inserted visually interesting vertical setbacks, and clad the whole structure with the translucence of glass for a lighter feel.

With a landscaped roof deck for tenants and a rooftop greenhouse visible from the street, the building provides both residents and locals with an urban space designed for beauty, community, and both pedestrian and vehicle access. Fitting this complex program onto a very small site with a minimum of program compromise was a win/win for all parties.


  • 265 apartment units
  • Two-story Whole Foods grocery mart
  • Five-level below-grade parking
  • Canopies, landscaped roof deck, greenhouse viewable from street
  • Wide pedestrian-friendly sidewalks

478,000 SF
CLIENT – Columbia Pacific Advisors
ARCHITECT – Tiscareno Associates