Seattle, WA
Opening: 2019

This small, diamond-shaped lot at the Downtown gateway to Capitol Hill presented an enviable location coupled with a vexing problem: How to create an efficient, mixed-use apartment building on such an irregular lot? The solution explains the name. With an eye towards the historic auto-row aesthetic of Capitol Hill, the lower floors were designed to respond to the urban context of Pine Street. The result is a structure that relates to its hip Capitol Hill neighbors but stands out in their company. Its diminutive size was certainly a challenge for a multi-mixed-use building, but this blend of boutique retail, office and residential turned out to be the perfect fit.


  • 71 apartment units in an eight-story building
  • 4,500 SF of retail, including three restaurant/retail spaces
  • 11,000 SF of office space, in a neighborhood notably lacking in it
  • One level of underground parking

75,000 SF
CLIENT – Vibrant Cities
ARCHITECT – Tiscareno Associates